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new site, new look + new stuff...yay!

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welcome to the fresh + new home of jack + ella paper!

This new website has been in the works for a long time. When you're running the show solo (for the most part), customers come first, obtaining more customers comes second and the other stuff (aka building a new website) come last. While it has taken a long time to complete, I'm so proud for sticking with it and getting it exactly how I envisioned it.

  • to provide a clean + simple platform to find products easily

  • offer a gift section to make gift giving easy + fun

  • have a space to offer helpful PDF downloads (both the free + paid versions)

  • replace the typical 'blog' with a 'news feed' to share new products + info without the 'I'm-not-blogging-enough-guilt'

  • offer a more streamlined wholesale portal with online catalog viewing 

  • create a brand refresh that reflects the fun + practical products we carry

so please look around and let us know what you think. we would love to have any feedback you may have for us, both the good + the bad :)

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