January Meal Planning: Week 3 #jepmealplanning

Hard to believe we're headed into the 3rd week of 2016 already. My personal challenge of meal planning and cutting out multiple trips to the grocery store this month started out strong. My second week, not so much. I made my weekly menu and went to the store just like in week one. Then found myself at Trader Joe's midweek (hey, I was in the neighborhood and I'm addicted to their dried mangoes) and hit the store a 3rd time when my daughter handed me her grocery list for her weekend girls' sleepover which always includes some baking activities. #weak

It's the start of a new week though and I'm aiming for progress, not perfection. So here's week 3!

 my tools: commit30 planner + weekly menu notepad

my tools: commit30 planner + weekly menu notepad

MONDAY: Mandarin Orange Chicken with Rice. This is almost cheating it's so easy. Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Chicken (my trip there last week is paying off) is their best selling product. It's cheap, fast and my picky kids love it. Enough said.

TUESDAY: Shepherd's Pie by Sweet Paul's Magazine. Are y'all familiar with this website? So many good things to try, do yourself  favor and check it out. This Shepherd's Pie is a great winter meal paired up with a green salad and crusty bread.

WEDNESDAY: Penne with Red Sauce & Turkey Meatballs. No recipe here, I use store bought red sauce and make meatballs with ground turkey (vs. ground beef because we just like them better that way). If you're not low-carbing it, add some garlic bread.

THURSDAY: Chicken Saltimbocca with a Green Salad. This Giada recipe is one of my faves.

FRIDAY: 'Homemade' Pizza. We often whip these up on Friday evenings. I have made pizza dough from scratch but the balls of dough from Trader Joe's are equally tasty and it's a dollar something. We each have our favorite toppings so I buy two balls of dough and divide each in half for 4 small pizzas. My toppings preference is basil and fresh mozzarella.