January Meal Planning: week two #jepmealplanning

How's your January meal planning going so far? I'm happy to say that my first week went great (first week of challenges usually do)! After my initial grocery shopping trip last weekend, I didn't hit the store again until yesterday for some wine...does that even count??

 weekly menu planner

weekly menu planner

I'm keeping things simple again this week with nothing too time consuming. The evening meals are my biggest focus on the menus but I like to make sure I have enough in the house to cover breakfast and lunches as well.

This week I'm excited to add new smoothie recipes in the breakfast rotation that I found on the blog, The Lemon Bowl. Liz has an amazing collection of smoothie recipes that she shares both on her blog and her free smoothies ebook that I would highly recommend grabbing.

MONDAY: Smoked Pork Sandwiches & Sweet Potato Fries. I purchase smoked pork from Costo and it's precooked and tasty. I heat it up as the fries are baking and it comes together quickly.

TUESDAY: Fish Tacos, Cheese Quesadillas and Black Beans. I use frozen Tilapia filets from Target. They are small and cook quickly. I prepare the taco fixings as the quesadillas are cooking and warm the beans in the microwave for less pots to clean. #lazy

WEDNESDAY: Chicken Parmigiana with Salad. I don't use a recipe for this anymore as I've made it a lot. If you need one, you can't go wrong with Pioneer Woman's version. I purchase bagged salad mixes at Costco. Regularly.

THURSDAY: Chicken Apple Sausages with Tortellini. These chicken apple sausages are loved by everyone in my family and are pretty healthy, as far as sausages go. I buy them at Target. They are precooked as well, so I slice them up and brown them up a bit in a cast iron skillet and make a batch of tortellini to got with them. The only bad thing is that there are never leftovers.

FRIDAY: Chicken Patties with Sweet Potato Fries. I know. We eat a lot of sweet potato fries. These chicken patties are a nice change from the hamburger (and bit healthier). They are surprisingly flavorful. 

See you next week!