It's time to get it together...for real this time.

Introducing paper goods that will help you do just that...The 'I've got it together' series of notepads to keep you on top of the everyday things.

I'm not the most organized person on the planet, but I do have some of my ducks in a row. Around the first of the year, I decided to create perfect versions of the tools I use to keep me on top of things. These 4 things include:

- Weekly to-do list with a goal habit builder

- Weekly menu/meal planner with a tear-off market list

- Daily to-do list

- Cleaning schedule

So many of us rely on digital calendars and apps these days and I am one of them. I utilize iCal daily for appointments and sports' schedules, etc. It is a life saver having schedules synced to all the devices and helps to keep all family members in the loop. With that said, I am a list maker and for that I need paper.

My weekly to-do list is essentially a snapshot of my week so I can jot down what I want to get done in the upcoming week, as well as see what activities we have coming up. Seeing this helps me for planning my meals (see below). I have a little section in the corner (that I like to call the 'goal habit builder'...pretty official, right?). I like to jot down things that I want to incorporate into my days and become a habit (think meditating). Sounds almost child-like, but when I check off that item daily and see that I did it each day of the week, it propels me and motivates me to keep it up. Once it becomes an actual habit, I move onto something else. Sounds silly, but I am a hardcore flosser now because of this. Next up...hand stands!

Meal either love it or you hate it. Regardless, I know for a fact that it makes your life easier if you can set aside a little time each week to plan your meals, create a shopping list and hit the store. Easier said than done some weeks, but sometimes I actually enjoy leisurely sitting down and going through Pinterest boards and creating my menus for the week. This task helps if I'm hungry. 

I find that my week goes much more smoothly if I do this task and include some make-ahead meals in the rotation. My happy place is having the crockpot doing the work for me. In the past, before getting in the meal planning habit, I would find myself at the grocery store 4 days a week, evenings were more stressful and no doubt the budget took a hit.

Having a daily to-do list seems redundant but I like to have a fresh sheet each day as inevitably things come up though out the day that need to be added. I like to fill this out at the end of the work day for the following day and add to it as needed.

My last tool is a cleaning schedule. I like to keep this as simple as possible since cleaning is not my forte (I'm a straightener). It's a list of cleaning tasks that you knock out each day. Some tasks only take a few minutes, others are more time consuming, but if you keep at it, your house is typically kept up. Things this list doesn't include are laundry, dishes, etc. Those are a given. This concept sounds remedial but it works and the alternative stinks. If I were to leave all the cleaning to one day (say before company is visiting) it would completely stress me out. I'm sharing my cleaning list in a PDF download incase you want to join in on the fun! Download it here.

All 3 of the notepads can be purchased individually or as a set here or at my Etsy shop. You'll be glad you did :)