I vividly remember in early 2010, after several months of researching, reading and day dreaming about opening up an Etsy shop, I finally pulled the trigger and whipped up a simple logo and started taking pictures of items that I had been selling at a local shop (I heart you Purple Goose). Setting up the online storefront was surprisingly easy and I was ready to start selling. I sat on it for about a month before getting my first sale. Even though I had previously sold my paper goods from time to time, this first, on-line transaction was thrilling to me. Soon after orders started rolling in.

Forward four years and I have finally ventured on with my own on-line presence and created a website. Although I plan on keeping my Etsy shop open for people that prefer to go that route, I'm excited to have my very own space here to connect with people, sell my goods and venture deeper into the wholesale market.

This summer has been an exciting one for my little paper shop. While learning how to create a website and getting my regular day-to-day orders out the door, I received my biggest order to date. NBC/USA Network decided to include my adult lunch love notes in their swag bags for the premieres of their new network drama, Satisfaction. Has anyone seen the show? I have yet to catch an episode, but will find the time soon.

  the  jack + ella helping to pack up 5000+ luck love notes. they loved it :)

the jack + ella helping to pack up 5000+ luck love notes. they loved it :)

Shortly after we recovered from the lunch note storm, FOOD52.com out of Brooklyn contacted me regarding selling my kid's lunch love notes on their gorgeous website. If you haven't visited their site yet, and you're even a borderline foodie, you'll dig it.  

In late August, my friend and doodle/font extraordinaire Rae Kaiser of Outside-the-Line, suggested I submit an entry into Martha Stewart's American Made contest in order to have a shot at flying to NYC, being featured in Martha Stewart Living Magazine, a spot in their American Made Market and bringing back $10,000.

So I did.

A week later I received an email that my shop was chosen as a finalist (insert scream). Judging is currently in the works. They will pick 9 of the 10 winners and the 10th one is voted in by the public. If you'd like to make a girl happy, head over the the American Made website between September 15 - October 13, 2014 to cast your vote. Being honored in this way...well, I'm speechless. 

 Voting takes place  HERE  between September 15th and October 13th.

Voting takes place HERE between September 15th and October 13th.

I plan on having 'no rules' regarding this blog space. Meaning no commitments to the amount of posts I create nor when I post them. I hope for this to be a fun venue...not only to discuss paper goods, but topics of all sorts. If you want to see more, connect with me on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. I'll be using all of those platforms for showing new products, as well as to provide special deals along the way. Feel free to comment to your heart's content so I know someone is out there listening. I promise the posts will not be as wordy and self-promoting as this one...thanks for hanging in there :)